Sunday, August 3, 2008

First Sales

Alright well after reading my last entry and remembering how critical and a little bitter I was feeling at the time I was writing it...I´ve decided to put in another entry, and only 3 days later hehe. Also influenced by the encouragement of my friend Jon Gilbert (yeah shout-out) who told me I should share the news.

Well, I´ve never been good at business. Even from those Central Elementary School days when we had to sell Peanut M&Ms as a fundraiser, I did not do well. I always felt bad or guilty, like I was cheating someone. I´m sure my parents remember my valiant efforts as I sat out in the pouring rain one Sunday afternoon in my Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and raincoat with all the M&M bags neatly packaged in plastic baggies to protect them from the rain. I think I sold one bag that day to my neighbor who felt deep pity for the poor girl sitting in the rain all day. I guess I have had a way of pulling on heart strings at least.

Which is maybe why I did so well at selling this time around despite my lack of business sense. I mean, Fair Trade necklaces made by HIV patients in Honduras has got a pull-on-the-heart-strings kind of quality to it. Anyhow, whatever it was, God included, I had some real success on my first sales trip this week! I only went to 2 high-class tourist shops here on the island (Roatan) which have bought from us before and were interested in seeing more of our new line. Well, I went and they bought more than they had before! That means improvement and I really like improvement. The total sales for the day came out to $1250...isn´t that great??!! I can sell!

And you know what...I didn´t feel guilty like I had before because I know where the money goes, tu sabes? I have the privilege of working in the clinic itself, visiting the Lenca women and the coco women, communicating with the designer, interacting with the clients/vendors. All aspects of the program I have the opportunity to work with and so I know every aspect to which the funds will contribute. The workers don´t get to see where the materials come from. The designer doesn´t always get to see the places where their products are sold. A buyer doesn´t always get to see the hands who make the bracelet. But from design, to purchase of materials, to production, to distribution, I get to be a part of it all. That´s incredible. There are definitely times when I don´t enjoy my job and the responsibility that comes with being a part of all those different processes. But it is something I´ve come to realize is a real privilege...and it´s something that I´ve come to love.


Jon said...

yeah shout-out. Way to go Jo :)

hlovell said...

I remember the m&m days...standing on the triangle between chestnut and bryce...haha. But I am so happy for you! Sounds like you are so passionate about this, well, you are a very passionate person about things you believe in. So who wouldn't by these products you've put your sweat and tears into? They'd be crazy not to! I haven't seen any and I want to buy some from you! Best of Luck!


Kate said...

Hi Jo! I just caught up on all your blog here. It is so exciting and encouraging to hear about what you're doing. I admire you so much for how you're living out your dreams, faith, life... oh everything seems to come together so divinely! I can see how God was preparing you for this experience. You're a great story teller- how do you do it? I am always too wordy (Example: the length of this comment). Stay strong and courageous! Much love, Kate