Friday, May 9, 2008

Preparing the Way

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to get something posted on my blog, to at least get it started. I'm in the middle of finals right now; I'll graduate in 2 weeks, and then I'm off to the real world! Well...sorta. I'm on to Honduras, but I consider that even MORE of an "into the real world" experience. Well, I'll get more to you later when I have more interesting things to discuss and share.

In the meantime, Jane asked me what my fears about going to Honduras are... answer: being lonely and not having boneless skinless chicken.

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timntoni said...

Johanna, There are many kinds of courage, aren't there? You have an amazing kind! God has a powerful set of eyes and arms and legs in yours. We are so proud of you!
Aunt Toni Jill